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€300 d'économies en pré-commande
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€300 d'économies en pré-commande
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weebike rokkit trail electric bike kit 750w motor bafang crankset 48vWeebike RokKit Trail Electric Bike Kit (750W - Battery 48V 17Ah)
Garrett Miller Electric Bike chargerchargeur garrett miller x vélo électrique
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Chambre à air 20 Pouces (20x4) pour Garrett Miller Et Vélo Electrique Fat BikeChambre à air 20 Pouces (20x4) pour Garrett Miller Et Vélo Electrique Fat Bike
Garrett Miller Electric Bike Headlight
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electric bike kit weebike rokkit off road motor bafang crankset 500w 48vWeebike RokKit Off-Road Electric Bike Kit (500W - Battery 48V 17Ah)

Why buy an electric bike?

Are you still hesitating to buy an electric bike for your daily commute or for leisure? Here are 3 points that should help you take the plunge and buy an electric bike as a new mobility solution.

The main advantage of switching to an electric bike is the savings in effort you will experience when travelling around town. No more sweating on hills or struggling to overtake a vehicle. With one pedal stroke, the electric bike's assistance will help you overcome all obstacles at a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

By riding an electric bicycle or an electric mountain bike on a daily basis you can benefit from great savings. Indeed, in an urban use, this ecological means of transport costs largely less than a car. No more traffic jams, no more petrol prices and no more parking tickets! In addition, cities are encouraging citizens to ride on two wheels with the construction of more and more cycle paths. Don't be put off by the cost of recharging, which is almost anecdotal on an electricity bill. Finally, some municipalities offer subsidies for the purchase of an electric bike of up to 500 euros per bike!

Riding an electric bike is particularly healthy. It provides a regular opportunity for healthy physical activity that is easy to access. In addition, the electric bike is suitable for all types of users, as it is possible to adjust the power of the motor to make the assistance more or less demanding. Less demanding than riding a standard city bike, you will have the heart rate of a walker.

Riding an electric bike is particularly healthy. It provides a regular opportunity for healthy physical activity that is easy to access. In addition, the electric bike is suitable for all types of users, as it is possible to adjust the power of the motor to make the assistance more or less demanding. Less demanding than riding a standard city bike, you will have the heart rate of a walker.

The 6 advantages of riding an EV

Unlike the classic city bike, which can be restrictive in its use, the electric bike (e-bike) reaches a wider target. It is a reliable and pleasant transport solution for daily use. The use of a bicycle equipped with an electric motor is very pleasant.

For the elderly

As we age, our bodies become less efficient. In order to continue exercising without endangering the body, the electric city bike is an alternative. It provides significant help in pedalling by taking the strain off the muscles and joints. It also keeps the heart rate constant and reduces blood pressure.

For overweight people

Whether you are starting a weight loss programme or simply want to enjoy the great outdoors, an electric bike will be a great help in providing the effort required for pedalling. The advantage of a bike with an electric motor is that it can be adapted to your weight loss and performance improvement. You can adjust the modes according to your wishes and possibilities.

For people in rehabilitation or with an injury

Electric bikes are recommended in certain cases of rehabilitation, for a gradual and gentle approach. The electric bike is the ideal partner in case of injury for those who wish to continue to practice a regular sport activity.

Electric bikes allow you to make the same effort regardless of the difference in altitude. The terrain is no longer a problem. Dare to tackle the toughest slopes on an electric bike, mountain bike or mountain trail bike.

For the same amount of effort, you can cover a greater distance on an electric bike. Explore new horizons that seemed inaccessible until now. We have noticed that the distances covered by electric bikes are 20 to 30% greater than those covered by a conventional bike. All this is possible thanks to the addition of a small 250W electric motor in a wheel or pedal assembly, accompanied by a battery that can provide a significant range.

Electric motorbikes and electric scooters are often preferred in the city. However, cohabitation with other users is often risky. By adopting an electric bike (or a hybrid bike), you can avoid the disadvantages of a motorbike or scooter and enjoy the benefits of cycling at 25 km/h almost effortlessly. Be careful, because if your electric bike has an assistance of up to 45 km/h, this makes your bike a speedbike (or speedelec). It must then have a registration plate and compulsory insurance.

Pour une utilisation en ville, le velo electrique reste le moyen de transport le plus efficace d’éviter la circulation et de se faufiler en tout chemin. La saturation des villes pousse également les élus à prendre des mesures en faveur des moyens de déplacement plus écologiques et moins encombrants (notamment les vélos). Les pistes cyclables sont de plus en plus répandues comme les corona-pistes ayant poussé durant le confinement de mars 2020 afin d'améliorer la circulation des vélos électriques. Il est prouvé qu'on peut diviser par 2 son temps de trajet dans les grandes agglomérations avec un vélo électrique. 

hercules folding electric bike besv brown

What's new in 2021 Weebot

As we know, buying an electric city bike is a heavy investment, even if you count the subsidies available or the free delivery for this ecological means of transport. The growing theft of electric bicycles has prompted the French government to take action to better protect electric city bike users.

Our customer service at Weebot has adapted to meet the demands of the market. 

Since 1 January 2021, the purchase of a new bicycle (whether or not it is an EAB) must be accompanied by a unique marking to make it easier to find in the event of loss or theft. For second-hand bikes, this will be mandatory from 1 July 2021. At Weebot we have subscribed to the offer of the manufacturer Auvray, specialist in anti-theft devices, for the compulsory marking of your electric or non-electric bikes. 

With theICA Bike tamper-evident tag solution, the compulsory tagging of your bike allows your bike to be linked to your personal account. If your bike is stolen, a single click on the mobile application allows you to report your bike as stolen in the official database of the authorities. If your bike is found, a simple flash of the QR code on the tamper-proof label will contact you to return your electric bike.

Consider equipping your existing electric or non-electric bike with our ICA Bike marking system, which makes it easier to find your bike and reduces the risk of theft. It is now much more difficult for a thief to sell your bike with this deterrent system from ICA Bike.

electric bike kit weebike rokkit motor bafang cheap

Electric Bike Kit to convert your old bike

At Weebot, we want to convert as many people as possible to electric bikes because we believe very strongly in this environmentally friendly way of travelling . Given the worldwide shortage of electric bikes, we decided to offer you the possibility to install a cheap Weebike electrification kit that fits on 90% of non-electric bikes on the market.

These free delivery electric bike kits will be offered with quality materials (Samsung battery, pedal motor, colour display with integrated GPS system) to help you switch to electric bikes easily by transforming your old bike into a modern and reliable EAB model. A system that you can easily install yourself with the help of explanatory videos from our customer service department or by visiting our shops in Paris and Lyon to carry out the installation for you.


Buying an electric bike comes with a lot of questions for people who want to take the plunge. Between questions about the battery, models equipped with a 250W motor, disc brakes, the luggage rack or the size of the bike, we have gathered here the most frequent questions from our customers on the subject of the electric bike with free delivery in metropolitan France at Weebot.

A question that is not necessarily easy to answer given the wide choice and the different categories of electric bikes.

  • If you are looking for an electric bike at the best value for money, we can only recommend our range of Weebike electric bikes which offers an electric mountain bike, an electric folding bike, a mountain bike and also an electric city bike, all equipped with a removable battery with or without a luggage rack.
  • In a more relaxed style for long rides, Fatbike enthusiasts greatly appreciate the Garrett Miller with a unique look that does not leave anyone indifferent. It is not an electric mountain bike even though it can be ridden on any road unlike an electric city bike.
  • If you like the Dutch electric bike style, the Granville brand is a reference on the market with models with quality finishes and its Bosch central motor.
  • For an exclusively urban style, you can also turn to the German brand Hercules which offers both city bikes and particularly robust folding electric bikes.
  • For those looking for a cheap electric bike, weebot recommends the French brand of electric bike O2Feel who are particularly well positioned in terms of price with their city bikes with a sober and neat look. Designed and assembled in France, this brand of electric bike is equipped with a Shimano 250 W motor, disc brakes, luggage rack for all roads.
electric bike garrett miller x fatbike black urban style

The average price for an electric bike in France is between 1500 euros and 2000 euros

It is possible to find entry-level electric bikes for less than 1000 euros, but these are generally simple bikes with an electric motor in the rear wheel and a battery on the luggage rack. These electric bikes only offer a short range of about 20km (7Ah or 8Ah battery) with basic equipment.

To benefit from good equipment (disc brakes, specific electric bike tyres, pedal motor, LCD display on the handlebars) you need to count between 1200 and 3000 euros. This is the price to pay, especially for an electric mountain bike, in order to have a means of transport designed to meet the needs of users. Without forgetting that it is possible to obtain subsidies of up to 500 euros per electric bike.

Being able to move around easily is one of the advantages of the folding electric bike. With a folding electric bike system, it is possible to take your bike everywhere (bus, metro, train, car boot) and enjoy the simplicity of this ecological and responsible transport solution.

It can be easily stored at home to prevent theft and is therefore practical to store in a flat.

The advantage of the electric bike is that it is easy to access. Unlike the electric scooter, which must have liability insurance, the electric bike does not need it like a classic city bike.

For more information, we have an article on the blog that deals with the subject ofelectric bike insurance in more depth.

French electric bike o2feel iswan blue cobalt

Yes, it is quite possible to ride your electric bicycle in the rain. The batteries being less close to the ground are generally sufficiently sheltered from the water not to be totally submerged. Electric bikes are equipped with a battery that is resistant to water splashes.

However, it is important to be well equipped with a rain jacket specially designed for electric city bikes. Also, make sure you have disc brakes to reduce braking distances in wet weather.

The maximum speed of the electric assistance on an EAB is limited to 25 km/h like all our bikes on our website. It is possible to go faster but it will require the effort of your legs to exceed this limit.

It is not legally required to wear a helmet when riding an electric bicycle. However, for your safety it is generally advisable to wear one. We have a selection of the best bicycle helmets in our shop to complement your look and protect you. 

cheap thousand chapter mips bike helmet

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