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Why buy an adult folding electric scooter?

Are you still hesitating to switch to an electric scooter for your daily commute or for leisure? Here are the 6 points to consider when buying an electric scooter, also known as an e-scooter.

kaabo skywalker 8s electric scooter

The main advantage of switching to an electric scooter is the time you will save in your travels. No more waiting for the bus or train for 10 minutes, you are already at the next stop thanks to your two-wheeler! It is even possible with a light electric scooter to complete your journey by public transport in order to further optimise the time saved on your journey if you have to travel long distances, even if some electric scooters offer much more than 25 km or 30 km of autonomy.

Nothing could be easier than driving an electric scooter! You get on the platform, activate the acceleration trigger and you are already propelled at the legal speed of 25 km/h on the public highway as authorised by the highway code! Unlike a hoverboard or a monowheel for example, the electric scooter is easy to handle.

The electric scooter is a new, space-saving way of getting around, mainly for distances of 20 to 25 km. All electric scooters are foldable and can be stored under a desk or in the corner of the living room with a single hand. Some even have wheels for transport and we also offer storage bags.

If price is a barrier to buying an electric scooter, you should know that your investment will pay for itself in just a few months of use. Between the savings on public transport tickets and the ever-increasing price of petrol, the electric scooter for adults is one of the most cost-effective means of mobility.

We talk about electric cars every day to reduce carbon emissions in the air. Well, with the electric scooter it's the same! With the help of rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, your new means of transport will no longer emit CO2. With an electric scooter to get around, you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The major French cities are setting up Low Emission Zones to reduce the number of thermal vehicles in the heart of the city. On our side, Weebot, through the WeeGreen initiative, is committed to take charge of the recycling of used batteries and to reduce our waste production and carbon footprint. We are fully committed to the fight against pollution in order to provide our cities and countryside with cleaner air to live in.

One more argument to convince you to switch to an electric scooter? Look around you in the street! They're already here and they're being talked about more and more in the media. The electric scooter is definitely the trendy means of urban mobility for the years to come.

In addition to avoiding pollution by not releasing a single gram of CO2 into the atmosphere, riding an electric scooter can considerably reduce the noise pollution on your way. Indeed, science has recently discovered that noise has a direct impact on human life expectancy (up to 10 months less life expectancy!!!). The electric scooter can improve the quality of life. The city of Paris is also planning to penalise noisy two-wheelers with a sound radar. So don't hesitate any longer and go for the smooth ride of the electric scooter.

If you use an electric scooter to get to work, your company can pay you a bonus of up to 500 euros per year, which is tax-free for both the private employee and your employer's social contributions. Introduced at the end of 2020, this is a good way to leave your car in the garage and enjoy a modern means of transport. It will save you time compared to public transport, even at a speed of 25 km/h on cycle paths.

electric scooter weebot zephyr suspensions disc brake

The most asked questions about the electric scooter

Here are the questions most asked by our customers when buying an adult electric scooter. They will also surely help you make your choice when buying an electric scooter model.

For a budget of €500, the main models at this price will only be suitable for city use. Our choice is the French Inöe Bloomy scooter (489€) which has the advantage of being more resistant to rain than other products on the market. Otherwise, a safe bet is the Inöe Tweeky scooter, which does not revolutionise the genre but offers very good value for money.

There are several choices in this price category.

For city use only, or as a complement to public transport, choose the Weebot Anoki scooter. Very manoeuvrable and fast thanks to its lightness, it is an efficient vehicle for ultra-urban use. You can even ride on cobblestones, as this two-wheeler has suspension.

Under the 900 euro mark, Weebot recommends the excellent Kaabo Skywalker 8S which is a good compromise between speed, efficient braking and comfort. It has a look that stands out from the crowd and will allow you to ride longer distances (up to 45 km) than with an Anoki.

If you are looking for the most powerful electric scooter at 1000 euros, you should definitely look at the Kaabo Skywalker 10C. Thanks to its 60V power, this vehicle has an acceleration as fast as models costing more than 2500/3000 euros. 

3 completely different choices in this price category. If you are looking for an electric scooter with the best ride comfort with its 10 inch tyres and super soft suspension, this is the Weebot Zephyr is the one for you! The most popular scooter among our customers.

For urban journeys, the Dualtron Mini 21Ah is one of the best selling models in France. The 21Ah version brings, in addition to its consequent autonomy, the addition of a second drum brake for more safety in braking. Essential in 2021!

For those who are looking for the ultimate in range, the Minimotors Speedway 5 with its 24Ah battery offering up to 80 or even 100 km of use.

The Weebot Eroz Pulsar is a real winner. The Weebot Eroz Pulsar (2090€), new in 2022, has both hydraulic brakes and a dual motor system. On the menu a top speed of 70 km/h for a huge range of 80 km. The best value for money choice for a budget of 2000 to 2500€.

An electric scooter is considered light when it weighs less than 17kg. While Xiaomi and their electric scooters have led the way with their weight of around 12kg, our lightest electric scooter is the Inöe Bloomy electric scooter with a weight of only 16.5kg on the scale as we saw in our top 5 light electric scooters.

To date, our fastest electric scooter is the Dualtron X-II Minimotors electric scooter with a maximum speed of 110 km/h (remember that on the road, the legal speed is 25 km/h at best). It is therefore 10 km/h faster than the previous Dualtron X model, which reached 100 km/h in speed.

For urban use, there is no need for a powerful electric scooter, we recommend a light electric scooter with good motor torque. For example, the Weebot Anoki electric scooter is very popular with our customers for its many qualities.

But the new Inöe Bloomy, Inöe Tweeky and Inöe Sweemie electric scooters, which compete with the famous Xiaomi M365 electric scooter, are very successful products when it comes to driving around 25 km.

For a light but powerful electric scooter , the Weebot Anoki electric scooter, which comes with a safety package, is a good compromise.

electric scooter weebot anoki cheap night city

It all depends on the model of course, but in general an electric scooter battery has a life span of between 1000 and 1500 cycles. On a model that has a range of 40km, that's 1 to 1.5 times around the world!

While on the road, the electric scooter must travel in cycle lanes (where possible) at a maximum speed of 25 km/h, using pedestrian areas and pavements with an electric scooter is only possible at a maximum speed of 6 km/h.

If you have ever had a puncture on the road with your electric scooter, we advise you to invest in an adult electric scooter with solid tyres in the case of the light electric scooter, or tubeless tyres if you want a powerful electric scooter. You can always consult our article on how to avoid punctures which will answer the question more fully.

Electric scooters are not all the same when it comes to the danger of water. While riding on slightly wet roads is generally accessible to all electric scooters, riding in the rain is much more perilous. Some electric scooters are designed to be more water resistant, as we have outlined in our waterproof electric scooter guide. The most water resistant electric scooter to date is the Inöe Sweemie. It has a specially designed battery that can withstand being submerged in water up to 1 metre deep.

It is useful to have two brushless motors on an adult electric scooter if, for example, you have to climb steep slopes on your route. This way, you don't lose your maximum speed of 25 km/h and arrive at your destination without difficulty.

electric scooter weebot paris

While most electric scooters are suitable for city use, there are many off-road electric scooters for thrill-seekers and other nature lovers. With speeds well in excess of the regulated 25km/h, this type of electric cross-country scooter is equipped with a larger and more powerful motor.

With a powerful electric scooter, you can often reach a surprisingly high speed, giving you a better feeling of urban gliding, but also a high level of comfort.

It is still not compulsory to use a helmet on an adult electric scooter since the latest legislation in July 2020. However, we can only advise you to equip yourself with one, in order to ride in complete serenity, especially as the majority of injuries occur to the head. In our shop we have several models of helmets for electric scooters that provide protection but also better visibility on the road thanks to certain models equipped with LEDs.

Since July 2020 and the new law passed for the use of electric scooters (and other EDPMs), it is compulsory to have civil liability insurance. It is therefore important to contact your insurance company to find out if your electric scooter is covered. Note that specific insurance only covers one device. If you have several electric scooters at home, you need to have as many insurance policies as you have two wheels.

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Electric Scooter Buying Guide

After explaining why it is worth buying an electric scooter, let's look at a few points that are important to many of our customers. Whether it is the price, the power of the engine or the style of scooter we will try to answer you.

As you can see in our range there is a wide variety of prices for electric scooters. Entry-level models start at around €500 with the famous Inöe Bloomy and can go up to over €6000 for sporty electric scooters such as the Dualtron X-II or the Weped RR.

As a general rule, your budget will depend mainly on the use you will make of your electric scooter. If you only need your cheap electric scooter at weekends to go to the park with the kids, then a Bloomy or Tweeky type model will be suitable. With a maximum speed of 25 km/h as allowed by law, this is more than enough.

On the other hand, if your goal is to drive your car to work every day, it is better to spend around 700-900€ to be sure to invest in a reliable and quality model like the Weebot Anoki.

These models are ideal for trips of 20 to 45 km per day, such as the Eroz Kapacity 8 electric scooter, which is renowned for its reliability.

If you expect to ride more than 45km per day then we recommend you switch to models with powerful batteries such as the Eroz Kapacity 10 electric scooter or the Weebot Zephyr. These models offer an average range of 70 km for a budget of 1000 to 1500€.

In addition to the battery that will manage your range, a key point to address in an electric scooter buying guide is the power of the motor.

Electric scooters can be equipped with one or two motors and their power is expressed in watts. Positioned in the front or rear wheel, we recommend a motor of at least 250W. Below this level you will not have enough power to ride at a good speed (i.e. 25km/h), especially for an adult.

Indeed, operating speeds are generally indicated for an average weight of 75 kg. If the weight that the electric scooter has to support is higher, you may not be able to reach 25 km/h, especially on slopes that require more energy from your brushless motor(s).

For us, the right motor power is between 250W (like the Inöe Bloomy) and 500W (like the Weebot Anoki scooter). This is what is needed in the city for a stable ride with good recovery.

Finally, the most powerful scooters are equipped with dual motors (one motor in each wheel) and can deliver more than 5000W (the famous Dualtron Thunder or Dualtron X). This is a very specific category of sporty models which, in addition to reaching a maximum speed of well over 25 km/h, can climb slopes of over 30% without difficulty.

There is not just one type of wheel on the various electric scooters. Although the light models, which offer a maximum speed of 25km/h, are generally equipped with 8-inch tyres, it should be noted that the size of the wheel influences not only the comfort but above all the driving stability of your electric scooter.

At higher speeds, stability on a folding electric scooter is paramount and the more powerful models are fitted with 10 inch or even 11 or 13 inch tyres(like the famous Dualtron X-II). The majority of electric scooters on the market today have 8-inch and 10-inch wheels.

Note that 10-inch electric scooters generally weigh more than models with 8-inch tyres.

This is a question that many of our customers ask themselves when choosing an electric scooter. But the question is much more complex than it seems at first sight because there is no one model better than the other and each has its advantages. It all depends mainly on how you use the electric scooter. 

While solid tyres help toavoid punctures on the road, they are less comfortable as they transmit more road vibrations into your arms. Check that the suspension system can reduce the impact of vibrations caused by poor road conditions.

Inflatable tyres can be either tube tyres (as on most bicycles) or tubeless tyres, i.e. without tubes (like car tyres). These allow you to better absorb shocks on your journey and make your e-scooter more manoeuvrable, especially at maximum speed for greater safety.

The downside is that inflatable tyres are more susceptible to punctures. risk of puncture on your electric scooter, especially those with tubes. Tubeless tyres are much less sensitive to this as they have a thicker tyre layer that is resistant to foreign objects on the road. 

It is therefore useful for tubeless tyres to check the external appearance of the rubber from time to time to ensure that they are still sufficiently resistant. 

Even though our products come with a 2-year warranty, tyre wear is not covered by this warranty. This is why we recommend that our customers always check the pressure level of their electric scooter when it comes out of the box. Properly inflated tyres can greatly reduce punctures and premature wear.

We generally recommend 3.5 to 4 bar in an 8 inch electric scooter wheel (tube tyres) and 2.5 to 3.5 bar in 10 inch tubeless tyres. 

Between the use of the tyres on the road and the variations in temperature (and therefore pressure) that electric scooter tyres have to endure, there can be small losses in pressure over time. Checking the pressure once a month seems ideal to avoid punctures.

Driving safety should never be taken lightly when driving an e-scooter. There are several braking systems depending on the model.

A lightweight electric scooter usually has an electromagnetic braking system within the motor (installed in one of the wheels).

This braking system, directly integrated into the motor, is adapted to the maximum speed of use of these electric scooters, which generally does not exceed 25km/h.

On a powerful electric scooter, it can be coupled with a drum brake that directly grips the rear or front wheel with a cable that activates a pad. This allows a shorter braking distance to be maintained. If you notice a longer braking distance, it is worth tightening the brake cable as we pointed out in our article on maintaining an electric scooter.

Best of all, the disc brake system (hydraulic or cable) is the highest quality braking available on a powerful electric scooter. A simple set of pads bite into a metal disc on the wheel to give you effective braking.

Although the pads wear out with use, they are easy and inexpensive to change to keep the electric scooter's brakes working properly.

Comparative Electric Scooter 2022

Here is a comparison of the adult electric scooters sold in our Weebot shop to help you choose your scooter. Whether it's for urban use only, or to take public transport with, we have the electric scooter that meets your selection criteria.

If you want to know more about the differences between the models, please read our review of the best electric scooters.

The Weebot Anoki has been elected best electric scooter for the city. It meets the criteria of weight, comfort, safety, value for money and above all reliability!

Different electric scooters run at different speeds. On average an electric scooter goes from 25 km/h to 35 km/h. But there is also a powerful and fast electric scooter category with a top speed well in excess of the 25 km/h allowed on public roads.

  1. Dualtron X-II Electric Scooter (6290€) - Rion 2 - top speed 110 km/h
  2. Dualtron Thunder 2 (4290€), Dualtron Ultra 2 (3999€), Dualtron Storm (4490€), Zero 11X (3490€) - top speed 100 km/h
  3. Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter (3090€) - max speed 85 km/h
  4. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Plus electric scooter (2999€), Dualtron Victor (1990€) - maximum speed 80 km/h
  5. Weebot Eroz Pulsar Electric Scooter - maximum speed 70 km/h
  6. Weebot Zephyr (1890€), Dualtron Raptor (1890€), Inokim OXO (3290€) electric scooter - maximum speed 65 km/h

As with speed, the range of an electric scooter is also highly variable. An electric scooter can travel between 20 km 35 km and 200 km because the weight of the user must be taken into account.

Here are our top 10 electric scooters in terms of range:

  1. Dualtron Storm LTD Electric Scooter (Limited) - 220 km
  2. Dualtron X-II Electric Scooter (6290€) - 150-200 km
  3. Kaabo Wolf Warior 11 Plus Electric Scooter (2999€) - 150 km
  4. Dualtron Ultra 2 Electric Scooter (3999€) - 140 km
  5. Dualtron Storm Electric Scooter (4490€) - 130 km
  6. Dualtron Achilleus Electric Scooter (3090€) - 120 km
  7. Dulatron Spider 2 Electric Scooter (2490€) - 110-120 km
  8. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Electric Scooter (2799€), Dualtron Victor 30Ah (2190€), Dualtron Thunder (3090€) - 100 km
  9. Weebot Zephyr Electric Scooter (1649€) - Weebot Eroz Pulsar (2090€) - Speedway 5 (2290€) - between 80km and 100 km
  10. Dualtron Eagle Electric Scooter (1890€) - Dualtron Spider EU Version (2890€) - 80-85 km

If you are a fan of off-road and thrills you can choose a model adapted to this practice.

This type of electric cross scooter is perfect for riding on paths, private land or even in the forest.

Here are our top 5 electric cross-country scooters:

  1. Dualtron X-II Electric Scooter (6290€)
  2. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Plus Electric Scooter (2999€)
  3. Dualtron Ultra 2 Electric Scooter (3999€) 
  4. Kaabo Wolf Warrior Electric Scooter (2999€)
  5. Weebot Eroz Pulsar Electric Scooter (2090€)

In a hybrid style between the electric scooter for cross-country and for the city, the Zephyr from Weebot and the Kaabo Skywalker 10H, 10C, 10S+ range allow you to be comfortable on both terrains with more than 45 km of autonomy.

For the most urban users, the lightness of the electric scooter is an important criterion when buying.

Whether you need to carry it around your flat to your home, store it in the trunk of your car when you're out and about, or simply use it to complement your public transport route, a lightweight electric scooter can make all the difference.

This is our Top 5 lightweight electric scooters:

  1. Inöe Bloomy Electric Scooter - 16,5 kg
  2. Eroz Kapacity 8 Electric Scooter - 16.8 kg
  3. Inöe Tweeky Electric Scooter - 17 kg
  4. Weebot Anoki Electric Scooter - 17-18 kg 
  5. Eroz Kapacity 9 Electric Scooter - 19.5 kg

It is therefore not uncommon to have to climb slopes on your way up, even in an urban environment.

It is therefore important to check when you buy your electric scooter that the torque distributed by the motor(s) of your electric scooter is sufficiently high to allow you to reach the top without the risk of seeing your speed deteriorate significantly.

Just like the engine, the battery of the electric scooter plays a fundamental role in its use on slopes.

Simply checking the range is not enough to give you information on this subject, which is why at Weebot we indicate on each product the percentage of slope that our electric scooters can climb.

  1. Dualtron X-II, Dualtron Ultra 2, Dualtron Storm Electric Scooter - 70% off
  2. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Plus Electric Scooter - 45
  3. Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter - 40% off
  4. Speedway 5 Electric Scooter - 37
  5. Weebot Electric Scooter Eroz Pulsar, Dualtron Thunder, Dualtron Eagle Pro, Dualtron Ultra 2, Dualtron Victor - 35
electric scooter weebot zephyr bag transport offered

Why buy an electric scooter from Weebot?

Buying our electric scooter on our online shop means benefiting from many high-end advantages. As the leader in electric mobility in France, we offer you our various services, including advice (by e-mail and telephone), free delivery and technical assistance by a team of professionals.

We are not just a retailer. With our knowledge of electric scooters, we design our products to meet the highest quality standards.

Whether by email or phone, we are available to answer all your questions about your electric scooter. We can give you advice on buying your scooter, but we can also provide you with a technical solution after your purchase.

When you buy an electric scooter from Weebot, you have a guarantee against broken parts, should your product be defective. We organise the collection of your scooter from your home to our Service Centres in Lyon and Boulogne-Billancourt.

So if you live nearby, you can bring your bike directly to us and we will quickly diagnose the problem. A top-of-the-range service that our competitors do not offer.

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