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Twild City Electric Scooter

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Twild Road electric scooter

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Moto électrique Super SOCO TC Vintage - VerteMoto électrique Super SOCO TC Vintage - Verte
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Not sure about buying an electric scooter and want to know more about the benefits and technical features? Here are the 6 points to consider when buying an electric scooter.

  • Economical to use

Let's face it, beyond the ecological impact, the great advantage of electric scooters is that they are a very economical means of transport. With the price of fuel set to rise year on year, switching to electric is a no-brainer when you do the maths.

In fact, 50cc equivalent electric scooters (such as the Twild electric scooters for example) consume between €0.20 and €0.60 of electricity for 100km. On the contrary, a 50cc internal combustion scooter will cost you between €6 and €11 for 100km.

  • Electric scooter subsidy

In addition to the money you will save on a daily basis, you can benefit from a subsidy for the purchase of a cheap electric scooter. There are 3 types of electric scooter subsidy: from the State, from the region (Ile de France for professionals) and from the city (Paris or Nice for example). The best part is thatthey can be combined!

To find out more, see our dedicated page on the electric scooter grant.

For example, as a professional you can benefit from a subsidy of up to €2020 on the purchase of a 125cc equivalent electric scooter like the Doohan Itank 125.

  • A green vehicle

We're finally getting there! It is also one of the most motivating criteria to switch from a combustion vehicle to an electric vehicle. Pollution peaks are more and more frequent in our cities and it is urgent to switch to an electric scooter that does not emit any particles. The car market is changing (thanks to Tesla) and so is the electric two-wheeler market.

Apart from CO2 emissions, noise pollution is also part of the equation. The city of Paris is currently planning to add sound radars to limit noise. Indeed, science has recently revealed that noise pollution can reduce our life expectancy by almost 10 months.

This is why it is urgent to switch to electric scooters which, unlike their thermal counterparts, emit virtually no noise even at low km/h.

  • Autonomy of an electric scooter

One of the big questions that often comes up is the range of electric scooters. With the new generation of Lithium-Ion batteries, the range of electric two-wheelers has reached a new level.

The e-scooters in our range have a range of 50 to 60 km, or even 70 km, 90 km or even 100 km depending on the model. Plenty to do especially in urban areas.

  • No need to have an electric scooter license.

Another advantage of the electric scooter is that it is not necessary to have a driving licence to use it. To ride a 50cc equivalent electric scooter, you just need to be at least 14 years old and hold an AM / BSR licence.

  • Very low maintenance

The final positive point about the electric scooter is thatit is virtually maintenance free. Apart from recharging the battery regularly there is not much else to do.

Since they do not have a drive belt, Bosch electric scooter motors are very reliable and of high quality. They have an average life span of 700 to 1000 cycles (enough to go around the earth several times!).

The electric scooters equivalent 125cm3 are the fastest machines we offer. Allowing to move at any speed, here is our Top 4:

    1. Silence S01 electric scooters (6990€) - maximum speed 100 km/h
    2. Horwin EK3 electric scooters (4490€) - maximum speed 95 km/h
    3. Super SOCO CPX electric scooters (4290€) - maximum speed 90 km/h
    4. Doohan iTank 125 electric scooters (€4199) - top speed 70 km/h
electric scooter horwin ek3 grey 125 cm3

The city is the favourite terrain of luck for electric scooters equivalent to 50cm3.

These can easily slip through traffic to get out of traffic jams. Although top speed is not necessarily their strong point (limited to 45 km/h), the light weight of their battery is an asset on short journeys. But what are the 50cm3 equivalent electric scooters with the best range (excluding cargo electric scooters).

  1. Twild Road electric scooter, Doohan iTank 50 (with 2 batteries) - 140 km
  2. Sunra Hawk Plus electric scooter (2 batteries) - 130 km
  3. Horwin EK1 electric scooter, Niu M+ Sport - 120 km
  4. Twild City electric scooter, Sunra Hawk - 70km
  5. Sunra Miku Max electric scooter, Twild Sport - 60 km
sunra hawk plus electric scooter 50cc 1800w

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