Désormais partout dans nos villes, la trottinette électrique représente le nouveau moyen de transport à la mode.

Écologique et silencieuse, elle vous accompagnera avec facilité dans tous vos déplacements quotidiens. Que ce soit en complément ou en remplacement de vos transports habituels, la trottinette électrique apporte le plaisir de la conduite en toute fluidité au milieu de la circulation.

Vous envisagez d’acheter une trottinette électrique en 2023, mais êtes perdu parmi tous les modèles et différentes fonctionnalités ?

Voici 10 questions à se poser pour choisir une trottinette électrique.

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1- What is the intended use of the electric scooter?

First of all, when choosing an electric scooter, it is important to define the use that you will make of it.

Are you considering buying a children's electric scooter or an adult electric scooter? How often will you use your scooter? Should you wear it when using public transport?

The answers to these questions will help you decide which electric scooter to buy.
For a journey of less than 6 km per day, an entry-level scooter is sufficient.

For longer journeys, however, a more powerful and more comfortable model should be chosen.

2- What budget for my electric scooter?

Prices generally range from €120 for children's scooters to €3000 for high-end adult scooters (such as the Dualtron Thunder).

Entry-level electric scooters for adults can be found for as little as €200. However, if you're looking for a reliable and powerful model, you'll need to budget for more than €600.

Prices generally vary according to several factors: the type of battery, the materials used, the equipment and options, etc.

However, some electric scooters that sell for less than 500 euros (such as the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter) offer good value for money.

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3- Does the manufacturer offer a good after-sales service?

The quality of the after-sales service is a decisive criterion to consider when buying an electric scooter.

In general, serious brands are distinguished by the size of their distribution network and authorised repairers. Before buying an electric scooter, make sure that the manufacturer has a repair centre that is not too far from where you live.

A quality after-sales service implies the availability of spare parts, the rapidity of the processing of warranty files, the quality of the reception...etc.

It's also a good idea to choose a seller with a strong presence on social networks and electric scooter forums.

This way, you will benefit from the information shared by the manufacturer as well as that collected by the users, and you will easily find solutions in case of problems.

4- What are the characteristics of the electric motor?

The drive system is the heart of the electric scooter. Its characteristics largely determine the vehicle's performance, particularly its speed, acceleration and ability to climb a hill.

Almost all new electric scooters are driven by a brushless motor integrated into one of the wheels. When buying an electric scooter, you should pay particular attention to three main characteristics: power, torque, and maximum speed.

Expressed in watts, power indicates the amount of energy the motor delivers in one second. A motor with a power of 750 W, for example, provides 3 times more energy per second than a motor with 250 W.
Torque is the force of movement generated by the motor when it is running. It is expressed in Nm. As a general rule, the more torque a motor has, the better it is able to drive the scooter uphill.

In addition, the higher the motor power, the higher the maximum speed of the scooter and the faster the battery will be discharged.

It is therefore not always advantageous to choose the fastest electric scooter. The key is to choose a good compromise between motor power and battery life.

motor wheel electric scooter

5- What are the characteristics of the battery?

Whatever the performance of an electric motor, it is worth nothing without a good battery! The performance of the electric scooter is therefore largely determined by the characteristics of the battery:

  • The technology
  • The capacity
  • The voltage
  • Autonomy
  • Charging time

The battery technology of the electric scooter

In terms of technology, there are two types of batteries for electric scooters: lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.

Lead-acid batteries are still used in children's scooters. They are heavy and require a long charging time (up to 12 hours!).

The new folding scooters are generally equipped with Lithium batteries (Lithium Polymer Li-Po or Lithium Ion Li-ion), which are lighter, more durable, and faster to charge.

Battery capacity

Capacity is the amount of energy that the battery can deliver, when fully recharged, during one complete discharge cycle. It is expressed in Ah. The voltage is the voltage in the electric circuit of the scooter.

The higher the capacity and voltage, the greater the range of the battery. A battery with a capacity of 7.8 Ah and a voltage of 36 V can offer a range of 25 to 30 km.

Battery life

Be careful though! The autonomy announced by the manufacturers corresponds to a simulated value in the laboratory. The real autonomy depends on several factors, notably the weight of the user, the driving style, the speed, the type of road, etc.

If your electric scooter battery has lost its autonomy and you want to recover its previous performance, find on our website all the battery models for each electric scooter on the market!

But still, it is possible to choose 4 different methods to solve the problem of autonomy:

Weebot Battery Electric Scooter Personalized Service

By answering this questionnaire, you will be put in direct contact with our experts to suggerer you the product which you need the whole very quickly!

The last criterion to consider when buying an electric scooter is the charging time! On average, the ideal charging time for an electric scooter is 2 to 3 hours.

electric scooter battery

6- What are the dimensions and weight of the electric scooter?

A compact and lightweight electric scooter is ideal for long journeys, especially if you have to carry it on public transport or up and down stairs.

Several factors influence the weight of the electric scooter: the materials used to make the chassis, the type of battery, the braking system, and the type of motor.

It is therefore advisable to choose a light and compact scooter. Ideally, the weight should be less than 18 kg.

7- Is the electric scooter comfortable?

This is a basic question! Obviously, a scooter needs to be comfortable, especially if you plan to use it for long journeys.

For a comfortable ride, it is best to choose a scooter with the following features:

  • A damping system.
  • Large inflatable wheels (8 inches or more). 
  • Height adjustable handlebars with ergonomic grips.
  • A wide deck with an anti-slip coating.
  • A quick and easy to handle folding system.
  • Comfortable brake control.

8- Is the electric scooter safe?

As a means of transport in its own right, driving safety should never be treated lightly. Make sure the vehicle is equipped with an effective braking system to avoid the risk of accidents.

While entry-level scooters are only equipped with mechanical friction brakes, premium models are additionally equipped with a more powerful magnetic brake, usually integrated into the rear wheel.

Ideally, a scooter should be equipped with front and rear disc brakes and a magnetic brake. The frame should also be strong enough to support the weight of the user and to withstand the weather.

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9- What accessories are supplied with the scooter?

In addition to the basic equipment, some scooters come with very practical accessories:

  • A stand for parking.
  • A cruise control system that allows you to set the speed throughout the journey.
  • A display screen for viewing information relating to driving: battery life, current speed, ambient temperature, distance travelled, total mileage, speed mode, etc. Some models also have a Bluetooth interface.
  • LED lighting system at the front and rear.
  • An anti-theft system.

The more features are included in the standard equipment, the more practical and efficient the scooter.


10- What does the legislation say about the use of electric scooters?

Before buying an electric scooter, it is a good idea to find out about the legal aspects of using this type of vehicle. Since July 2020, new rules have come into force for the use of Personal Motorised Vehicles (PMV). It is therefore important to be informed on the subject in order to avoid a fine when using an electric scooter.

Use the cycle paths

To date, the driver of an electric scooter must therefore use cycle paths in urban areas. If there are no cycle paths, you must use roads with a maximum speed of 50 km/h or pedestrian areas, provided that you ride at a very moderate speed (6 km/h) so as not to disturb pedestrians. 

Although some municipalities allow electric scooters to be used on the pavement at a slow speed, we advise you to avoid using them to avoid the risk of checks and fines.

A helmet is not yet compulsory at the time of writing, but is strongly recommended. It is important for your safety, especially as the majority of electric scooter injuries are to the head (40%).

The latest regulations concern your vehicle in particular. It must be equipped with a braking system. Although all models on the market have them, the law does not specify the number or type of brakes that must be fitted. 

Good visibility, day and night

The horn is part of the new mandatory equipment, as are front and rear parking lights and reflective strips on the sides(reflectors). 

The compulsory horn must be equipped with a horn or bell fixed to the handlebars, the sound of which can be heard at a distance of 50 metres. An electric horn is not allowed, unless it sounds like a bell. If you do not comply with this rule, you are liable to a fine of between 11 and 17 euros. 

The front light of your electric scooter should be a non-glaring yellow or white light, while the rear light should be red. To increase your visibility to others on the road, orange reflective strips should be present on the sides of your electric scooter.

If you are missing some equipment on your vehicle, contact your dealer to have it installed without delay. Adhesive reflectors are accepted.

The reflective waistcoat was already compulsory in low light or at night.

Compulsory insurance for safe driving 

Finally, you should know that the user of an electric scooter is required to have civil liability insurance. This compulsory insurance covers damage caused to others and is dedicated to a single vehicle. This means that, as with cars, each electric scooter must be insured. We therefore advise you to contact your insurer to adapt your home insurance policy, for example, or to take out a specific policy for a new electric vehicle.

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