The electric skateboard is a trendy, environmentally friendly and fun way to travel. Although the concept is not new, the first electric skateboards were bulky and weighed over 25 kg! Thanks to the new generation of electric motors and Li-ion batteries, e-skates have become lighter and more efficient.

So, what are the points to consider when choosing an electric skateboard? Answer in this article!

The weight of the electric skate

You should always consider the weight of the electric skateboard before making a purchase. Long and heavy electric skateboards are bulky and difficult to transport. On the other hand, lighter boards are often less comfortable and less equipped. Their load capacity is also limited.

If you use your electric skateboard for short distances and need to use public transport or climb stairs, choose a light and compact skateboard (less than 5 kg). For sporty use, weight and size are less of a priority than other criteria such as power, range, and wheels.

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Electric skateboard wheels

Virtually all electric skateboards use longboard wheels made of urethane or polyurethane. These wheels have diameters of up to 7 inches, or even more for longboards and all-terrain skateboards. They can be used on paved roads as well as on rough terrain. However, they certainly do not provide the same level of comfort as a scooter or electric bike.

To choose the right wheels for your electric skateboard, you need to pay special attention to two important criteria: diameter and hardness.

how to choose a cheap electric skateboard

The size of the wheels

Small wheels offer several advantages. They are light, compact, and very manoeuvrable. However, they can easily block in the presence of small obstacles (stones, small ditches, road irregularities, etc.). In addition, their top speed is often limited compared to larger wheels. Small wheels are particularly suitable for 100% urban use.

Large wheels are designed for high speeds. They are more stable and dynamic. In addition, they are safer, especially if you ride on a rough road. They are suitable for both urban and off-road use.

The hardness of the wheels

The hardness of wheels is expressed in "Shore". It is usually shown on the wheel as an index consisting of a number followed by the letter A or "DU". The closer the index is to 0, the softer the wheels are. The closer it is to 100, the harder the wheels are.

Generally, the softest wheels have a rating of 75A. The hardest wheels have a rating of 100A. Some skate wheels manufacturers like Spitfire, Bones, Ricta or OJ use an additional scale of 101A to 104A to describe the hardness of the wheels.

Electric skateboard wheels with a rating of 75A to 85A (the softest) offer better grip. They are more comfortable and quiet. They also absorb shocks and unevenness better. However, they wear out more quickly. Especially since they are not suitable for high speed riding.

Wheels with an index of 95A to 104A (the hardest) are designed to run faster. They are characterised by their high resistance and long life. However, they are less comfortable than soft wheels.

Wheels with a rating of 86A to 95A offer a good compromise between soft and hard wheel characteristics. If you mainly use your electric skateboard for city travel, you should preferably choose wheels from this category.

The autonomy of the skateboard

As a general rule, the bigger and better the battery, the better the range. So there is a trade-off between performance and weight. A Li-ion battery with an integrated controller from a reputable manufacturer such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc. should be preferred.

Of course, the level of autonomy depends on your use and the distance you plan to travel. In principle, an electric skateboard battery should offer a range of more than 20 km. You should also check the charging time. Skateboards that charge quickly are preferable.

Mechanical performance

The power

The power of electric skate motors varies between 100 and 2000 Watts. A 250 watt motor is perfectly suitable for urban use on a flat surface. However, it is less efficient on off-road terrain or on a slope.

A 2000 watt motor (like the Evolve skates) has enough torque to climb hills and offer fast acceleration and high speeds. Skates with a dual motor drive system offer better traction. However, they are noisier and have limited range.

The maximum speed of an electric skateboard

If you are a beginner, speed should not be the most important criterion for choosing an electric skateboard. However, if you are a thrill-seeker, you may want to choose a high performance electric skateboard!

Typically, most electric skateboards can easily reach speeds of 25 km/h. Sophisticated models offer several driving modes allowing the power and load settings to be adapted to the driving conditions.

best electric skateboard


On a skateboard, the rider is less protected than on a bicycle or an electric scooter. Possible accidents can have dramatic consequences. Hence the importance of checking the safety features offered by the manufacturer beforebuying an e-skate online or in a shop.

First of all, make sure that the advertised braking distance is sufficient to stop the skate quickly if necessary. Also check whether the manufacturer offers a motor brake system with energy recovery. This system is very practical, as it optimises not only the braking quality but also the battery life. A lighting system on the skateboard is also a definite plus.

The features

Most electric skates come with a wireless handheld controller (remote control). This controller can display the battery charge level, accelerate, decelerate, and operate the braking system.

Choose a model with a remote control that has a progressive throttle for smooth acceleration to keep the skate stable. Some electric skateboards come with a smartphone app that offers a number of features. While most of these features are not absolutely necessary, they do give you the opportunity to further customise your riding settings.

Driving comfort

Driving comfort is determined by several factors:

  • The width of the deck.
  • The size of the wheels.
  • The hardness of the wheels.
  • The positioning of the engine.
  • Truck design, etc.

It is therefore important to choose a skateboard with the right features for your needs. In most cases, you will have to sacrifice some features for others.

manufacturing of electric skateboards

The quality of manufacture

Before ordering an electric skateboard, it is important to check the quality of manufacture and materials. These two criteria largely determine the comfort and durability of the skateboard. Premium skateboard models are made of ultra-light materials and have a higher quality finish.

Customisation options

When buying an electric skateboard, pay particular attention to the customisation options offered by the manufacturer. At the very least, your electric skateboard should be compatible with other models of decks, trucks and wheels. A manufacturer that offers accessories to customise an electric skateboard looks more professional.

After-sales service

If you are considering ordering an electric skateboard, make sure that the manufacturer offers a good after-sales service.

Indeed, like all vehicles and electrical appliances, your skateboard may eventually require maintenance and repair. That's why it's important to choose a brand with a reputation for quality service.

Also check the warranty conditions and the availability of spare parts and accessories.

Choosing an electric skateboard: what you need to know!

To conclude this short guide to buying an electric skateboard, it is obvious that the technical characteristics determine the performance, comfort and safety of the skateboard.

It is also important to note that people who are new to skateboarding are the most vulnerable to accidents. It is therefore important to take all the necessary precautions to ensure safe riding.

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Christophe Merault

Christophe Merault

Following my purchase of the last X1 pro and after 3 exits very big deseption on the autonomy announced 26km... 13km max on cycle track in the Landes on Hossegor thus very little relief and I am not very heavy 83kg too bad that the small Genis do not imforme us more on the real of the autonomy... Very frustrating
And to finish more than 900€ for this longboard... we can find better

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