Just like bikes, scooters and motorbikes, punctures are part of the life of an electric scooter. Although most punctures are harmless, not being able to use your scooter and having to push it to the repair shop can be terribly frustrating.

By following Weebot's 5 tips on how to avoid punctures on an electric scooter, you should greatly reduce the risk of having to go to the after sales service.

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5 tips to avoid punctures on an electric scooter

Why do tyres blow out? This is the first question you should ask when analysing the situation. Repairing without understanding the cause of the puncture simply delays the next one. Different types of punctures can occur but in many cases the problem is often caused by the electric scooter user.

Usually people think they have run over a nail but the truth is that most punctured tyres on scooters are the result of poor driving habits or lack of maintenance. Especially on tube tyres, the tyres get pinched and the air hose bursts inside.

The important thing with an electric scooter is to anticipate problems by regular maintenance.

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TIP 1: Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure

One of the first things to do when you receive your electric scooter is to check the tyre pressure before use. Inflating your tyres properly is not only synonymous with comfort, it is also very important to avoid puncturing your electric scooter.

Regularly checking the pressure of your electric scooter tyres is essential. At Weebot, we advise you to check it twice a month for more safety. Indeed, depending on the temperature changes, the weight of the device and the lack of total airtightness of the inner tube, there can often be slight air losses.

The bar is the unit of pressure indicated by the tyre manufacturers, where 0 corresponds to the atmospheric pressure. Each scooter requires a different pressure depending on the tyre fitted. The pressure required for a tyre to work properly can vary according to the size, both in height and width, and according to the composition of the tyre (inner tube or tubeless).

For example, it is agreed that a Xiaomi M365 electric scooter with 8.5 inch tyres requires 2.7 bar in the front wheel and 3 bar in the rear. Remember that depending on your weight you will have to adjust the pressure. If you weigh less than 75 kg, you can remove 0.1 bar for every 10 kg you weigh less. Conversely, if you weigh more than 10 kg, you will need to add 0.1 bar this time.

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An under-inflated tyre can cause punctures due to the pressure in the inner tube being squeezed out by an impact (such as climbing a kerb or driving over an obstacle). But an overinflated tyre can be even more dangerous for a vehicle. By overinflating the electric scooter tyre, the surface of the tyre on the road is reduced, resulting in a lack of grip and premature wear of the tread.

To inflate your electric scooter tyre, nothing could be easier. You can go to a petrol station, look around your town to see if there are any free tyre inflation points for two wheels, or invest in a manual pump to inflate your tyres from home. By having the pressure checked regularly on the front and rear wheel, you should no longer get a puncture on an electric scooter, or at least slow down the risk of a puncture.
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TIP 2: Check the condition of your tyres regularly

As mentioned earlier, a poorly inflated tyre causes premature tyre wear. As a result, your tyre can become brittle and air can pass through it over time. That's why it's important to check the general condition of your tyres when you ride your bike.
Apart from the risk of falling (which can lead to internal material breakage), worn tyres are thinner and therefore more likely to suffer a puncture by penetration when riding on something hard. To check the external condition of your tyre, look for grooves that drain water. Deep and easily visible grooves are a sign that the tyre is in good condition. If, on the other hand, the tyre is smooth with no cracks, it means that the electric scooter tyre needs changing.

If you are used to driving on roads instead of tarmac, it can be useful to clean your tyres of debris collected by the grooves. For example, removing small stones from the tyres can prevent a puncture in the long term.

TIP 3: Replace the inner tube with a stronger one

A well-known problem for Xiaomi M365 enthusiasts is the poor quality of the basic inner tubes. Many users of these Xiaomis have repeatedly experienced punctures. Equipped with particularly thin tubes, the M365 and M365 Pro tyres are known to puncture very easily. The same goes for the valves, which are not very solid either.

Fortunately, Xiaomi has revised its new Xiaomi Essential - 1S - Pro 2 electric scooters with all-new reinforced tyres.

Other scooters are in the same situation and we can only advise you to invest in reinforced tyres and tubes to guarantee a much better resistance to punctures. These thicker rubber tyres are a great asset in the fight against punctures, all for a reasonable price.

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TIP 4: Don't drive anywhere

Common sense dictates that you should take it easy on your bike by riding it in a way that is appropriate for your scooter. Some models have large off-road tyres, such as those of Kaabo, Dualtron or Zero, which are better suited to use on rough roads. A Xiaomi M365 model, for example, is less suitable for use on gravel roads. The world of the Xiaomi M365 is the smooth asphalt of our city centres.

Adapting your driving also means anticipating the braking on your route. Repeated hard braking will eventually wear out the tyre and make it more likely to go flat, as we pointed out in Tip 2.

TIP 5: Anti-puncture gel

The puncture-proof gel is effective as a preventive measure, but only works on inflatable tyres with an inner tube. Easy to use, this liquid latex allows you to seal any holes in the inner tube. It is simply inserted through the valve as if to inflate the tyre, but be careful not to use too much or it will be counterproductive.

As for the puncture-proofing cans that are used for cars, the use for electric scooters is not interesting at all. At best, you will be able to cover a few hundred metres. So there is no need to carry a puncture-proof spray in your bag.

What are the different tyres available on electric scooters

While the vast majority of bicycles are equipped with inflatable tube tyres, electric scooters have different types of tyres. There are three types of tyres for this type of device and each has its advantages. Along with the battery, the wheel is an essential part of an electric scooter, being the only part in contact with the road. The tyre is therefore used for driving comfort, but also for safety and performance.

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Inflatable tube tyre 

Let's face it, this is the most puncture-prone electric scooter tyre. It is the one that equips the famous Xiaomi M365, among others. Like a bicycle wheel, it is composed of a tyre on the outside and a rubber hose filled with air on the inside. The interest is multiple by bringing the comfort of an air cushion to absorb the shocks and vibrations on the road, while being able to be changed easily.

If the rubber of the tyre and tube is too thin, the hose can be punctured by the insertion of a spike. But most punctures on inflatable tyres do not result from this type of problem. The pinching of under-inflated tubes caused by an impact on the tyre leads to most punctures in electric scooters. Especially on the front wheel, which is more likely to be impacted.

That's why we advise Xiaomi M365 owners to change their tyres for reinforced models, which are much more resistant.

Tubeless inflatable tyre

Tubeless tyres are also inflatable and are associated with cars. Also known as tubeless tyres, they have the advantage of being less prone to punctures than their tube counterparts. Although the advantages are obvious, mounting a tubeless tyre is more complicated and requires a certain technique.

Solid tyre or solid rubber wheel

Unlike the other types, the solid tyre is puncture-proof. Composed entirely of soft rubber, the solid tyre does not have the cushioning effect of an air cushion, which unfortunately makes it less comfortable.

E-Twow electric scooters are known to be equipped with solid tyres only. These do not require any particular maintenance, except to check that the grooves on the tyre are not too worn. If they are well maintained, these grooves allow water to evacuate properly and thus ensure good braking on a wet or damp road.

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Solid rubber wheels have the added advantage of offering a better top speed. On the other hand, the user loses in driving comfort with poorer road holding and increased noise pollution.


So it's all a question of choice for your electric scooter tyres. There is no ideal solution and the key is to make concessions. Some models, such as the Zero 8, have chosen to equip their vehicle with an inflatable tyre on the front wheel and a solid tyre on the rear wheel in order to get the best of both worlds.

But as we have pointed out, a puncture is not inevitable. By following our simple tips, the risk of a puncture on an electric scooter will be greatly reduced.


  • Are solid tyres the ideal solution to avoid punctures?

A solid rubber tyre cannot be punctured. On the other hand, driving comfort is degraded when using full tyres. If your electric scooter is not designed for this, the vibrations generated by the road, which are not foreseen in the basic use, can be fatal for the internal electronics.

  • What is the correct tyre pressure for the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter?

The ideal tyre pressure required for the Xiaomi M365 (and M365 Pro) is between 2.4 bar and 2.7 bar for a person weighing up to 70 kg on the front wheel. Then 2.7 to 3.4 bar for the rear wheel, again for a 70kg user.

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